May 24, 2013

Summer Fun: Homemade Chalk Paint

Since Kenzie and I are out on summer break (praise God, Hallelurjer.) things gets a little hectic around here. Most of the time the kids play fine by themselves or sit down and watch Netflix, but sometimes they get antsy and “need” me to give them something to do. I tried to get them to vacuum and do laundry and dishes, but that’s not what they had in mind….
So I’ve made a little summer “to-do” list of activities and crafts. It’s nothing fancy, but the kids love “out-of-the-box” stuff. And since we are on a tight budget, a lot of the activities are free!

Here’s one activity that we’ve done twice now.

Homemade Chalk Paint
 All you need is corn starch, water, and food coloring! I really didn’t have a ratio of corn starch to water. I just added enough water to make it a liquid, but not too runny. I also didn’t have any paintbrushes so the kids just used plastic spoons haha. 
Hey, whatever works right? :)
It was so cool! When you let the chalk paint set on the ground, it becomes a solid! The kids just thought this was amazing.
Total cost? FREE.
It kept them busy for over an hour. The paint also washed right up after it rained.
We even used some nature to paint with. All the kids idea!


becca said...

how fun can i come play

Jen said...

I love this! It looks so easy to make.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Wow that looks like SO much fun!! Awesome! Love that it was free too :D