May 28, 2013

Summer Fun: Messy Painting

Rule #1: My children are NEVER EVER allowed to paint inside my house. Ever. You’ll see why.
But since they love to paint so much, I decided to just let them have at it…outside of course.
We used cars to paint with, too. But they mostly just liked using their hands.
Obviously, Tucker got a little carried away. But they both had so much fun.
Cost: $5 (for the paint). I had bought the paint at WalMart a couple of months ago for a school project and I already had the construction paper, so technically this activity was “free” since I didn’t have to run out and buy anything.
The paint washed right off of them and their clothes, so that’s good. haha!


Kelsey Homolka said...

Looks super fun though!

amber.m said...

They are just so stinkin' cute, Lauren!

Alyssa said...

These are the things they'll always remember!!! So cute :)

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