May 28, 2013

Test Subject :: Self Conscience :: Weekend Update


I love that my best friend has an awesome camera. I also love that she sometimes needs me for “test” subjects. 372


Although I love these pictures, I’m still self conscience. I think I always will be, because even before kids, when I was a LOT smaller, I was STILL self-conscience. Eh. Stupid girly hormones.

pink and green arrows

Now onto what we did this weekend!

Both kids were gone pretty much all weekend to the river with family. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Friday, Doug and I went to see Fast and Furious 6. I can just about sum up the movie in one word:

If you haven’t seen it yet, go. Right now.
I’ve been to the last 3 or 4 opening weekends of F&F. Vin Diesel. The end.

I had about an hour before the movie started, so I went to Goodwill and was super excited with my purchases!

I got these dresses, along with a tunic, for $7.99 each. I got the gold wedges for $5.99 and a skirt for $4.99. THEN I used my student I.D and got 10% off my total! I spent $30. Happy, happy, happy!

Saturday, was my high school best friend’s wedding! It was beautiful and so was she!!


That night, Raven, Jason, Doug and I tried to buy out Taco Bell.
I’m pretty sure we paid for it the next day.

Sunday, Doug and I slept until 12:30 and it was wonderful.
Then we decided to go to lunch at our favorite little restaurant, Wall Street Grill. It was delish.
We came home and I made a HOMEMADE batch of lemonade, thanks to Paula Deen’s recipe.
It tasted like baby unicorns from heaven hand squeezed the lemons.

Monday, we did absolutely NOTHING. Until the kids came home, of course.

So how was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

The pictures we're pretty and you looked stunning. :)

Jen said...

Love the pictures! :)

The Pink Growl said...

You are gorgeous girl! That picture of you from the side is just stunning! But I know what you mean about being self conscious, we all have those days.

Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

I don't believe you did nothing until the kids came home :) You look great. I love all of those dresses on you. You have me wanting to go thrifting now.

Lisa Nelson said...

The pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for linking up with us at the Plus Party!

I have added your bloglovin and + accounts. If I can find a facebook and twitter, i will add those too!

Great blog you have!