April 29, 2011

Day 4-7 of 100DPC...I know I'm behind

I'm not sure why I forgot about the 100DPC. But here I am catching up:)

100 Day Photo Challenge
Day 4 - A picture of yourself 10 years ago.
I'm pretty sure I was 12 here. And no, I didn't eat ALL those burgers myself.

 Day 5 - A place that makes you happy
The Tennessee River <3

Day 6 - Your favorite quote, in your handwriting.
oh handwriting today is awful. So is my spelling :/

Day 7 - Something you love.
I love these munchkins<3
Ok Now I'm caught up with that:)

Oh and has anyone heard of Pintrest? I just got my "membership" today and I can't decide if I love it or not. To me it's just like Stumbleupon but with no details...just pics. Oh, and I joined today too. I am determined to read these 100 books. I have Pride and Prejudice being sent to me first. (I know, I know....I admit I have never read this book. Sad. Yes.) I love to read, but I am horrible about buying more books. So this way I can get rid of the ones I have read, and get more for free!

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