April 24, 2011

Hell & Happiness &

30 Days of Truth - Day 7: Someone who has made your life hell.
I don't want to say any names or try not to give any clues on this one. But this person made my life a living hell. And I blame every bad thing that happened to me from the time I met this person on him or her. I know that sounds ridiculous and childish but that's how I look at it. There is always this thought in the back of mind thinking "Why didn't you THINK about ME before doing that!". I didn't understand how one person could turn my life around like that. I hated that time. And I hated what it did to a relationship. I probably can't blame everything on this person though, because in the end it was my decision to do the things I did. But if this someone had never been a part of my life, I wouldn't have had to make those decisions. I will never forget it and I'm emotionally scarred from it.

100 Day Picture Challenge
Day 2 : A picture that makes you happy:)
[since this is MY blog & I can do what I want, I'm adding more than one picture:) lol]

Wedding Day <3

The first time holding Miss Kenzie Lane :)

The first time holding my big boy, Tucker man:)

Every time I see this picture I have to smile:)

Kenzie meeting Tucker for the first time. *tear*

Well, Happy Easter everyone! I hope ya'll had an awesome egg-hunting, chocolate candy eating, family spending day:) The kids both got Easter baskets from the Easter bunny this morning. Then we went to my Nana's for an AMAZING lunch. And yes, I cheated on my diet today...that was going to be a given. You can't go to Nana's and not eat the yummy goodness of food she cooks. It's a rule. A rule that shall never be broken:)  Then Kenzie hunted for eggs with her cousins, who are too old to be Easter Egg hunting lol. But they had fun. Kenzie ate about 14 pounds of chocolate today...that might be the reason she's gone through one and a half movies so far before bed......uhh..

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