April 7, 2011

New Beginings...hopefully!

I'm hoping the future is better to me than the past and present. I know I'm not a perfect person, but do I really deserve all the crap I catch?? Seriously.

This is what my future will hold me for [if I keep up the motivation; and I WILL] :
  • Our first family vaca to Orlando,FL! (I know this one will take effect...we are leaving tomorrow! lol)
  • Start AND finish college. For whatever. (I'm leaning on Respiratory Care)
  • Find a decent job to hold me over while I'm in school.
  • Lose weight. And I'm serious this time. Good Golly.
  • Start to put my creative thinking into action!
I'm crossing my fingers that I find a job soon. I am NOT going back to having nothing again. I want better for my family. 

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