June 4, 2013

Loves//Wants//Needs {2}

New stuff added to my never ending list of things I want!
love want need

1//Thigh tattoo! I’ve been wanting another tattoo since I got my last one and I think the thigh is the perfect place to put a tattoo. It’s not visible in everyday attire, and more importantly, teacher clothes!
2//New swimsuit bottoms! Since I’ve found the most flattering tankini top for me, I won’t be getting a brand new swimsuit this year, but I do like to change up the bottoms! My tankini top is plain black so I can pretty much do any color bottom, and I love that! I love being able to change it up without having to spend $30 on a whole new swimsuit.
3//Monogrammed baseball cap! “But Lauren”, you say… “Isn’t a monogrammed baseball cap a little preppy for your style?” Well yes, yes it is. But I wore my husbands cap the other day to mow the lawn, and I didn’t look hideous or manly in it! Therefore, I want a girly baseball cap to keep my face from getting toasted this summer:)
4//A skull tank. I just like skulls. And tanks.
5//Sandals. And of course, everybody and their Mama owns these ones from Target, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They are GLITTER!
6//Bow earrings. Because they are just too darn cute, that’s why.

What’s on your wishlist?

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amber.m said...

I am right there with you on those dang sandals!!

Penniless Socialite said...

I have those sandals and they are the BEST! I've been wearing them all the time. They were pretty tough to find in store, but I think they're still available online.
Penniless Socialite

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Loooove those sandals and those earrings! Cute!!

Jen said...

I agree about a tattoo!! I'm dying to get a new one.

Jennifer said...

I have a similar pair from target, minus the glitter & I love them!