June 1, 2013

Pray for the Children.

I’m emotional. I’m just a big pile of emotional-ness right now. Probably something to do with Mother Nature, but still. My heart has just been so heavy lately. All I can think about is those poor babies who were stuck in those schools in Moore, OK during the tornadoes. All I can think about is those who are struggling to have babies or those who might not ever get to take their child home from the hospital or those who are carrying babies in the womb who they know will probably never be born alive. My heart hurts for those people. I don’t understand why some things have to happen, and I especially don’t understand why horrible things have to happen to the most innocent. I don’t understand how some people can get pregnant and don’t want the baby so they MURDER it, or as some like to call it, abortion. I don’t understand why there are childhood cancers and life threatening illnesses.
As a mother, most days I feel like I’m going to literally pull my hair out. But my children are my WORLD. Without them, I could not function. I don’t know how parents go on with their lives after losing a child. I don’t know and I don’t want to know, but they have to be the strongest people on this planet.
I can’t call myself a super religious person because I sin. A lot. And most of the time I don’t consider myself worthy to be called a Christian. But I do pray. I pray a lot. I pray when I wake up. I pray every time I see a prayer request on Facebook. I pray to keep my family safe. I pray for families who’ve been affected by tragedies in the news. But the one thing I always pray about is my children. I thank God every night for my beautiful angels and I thank Him for allowing me to be their mother. I pray that he protects them throughout their lives because they are my whole life.
So today, just take a minute out of your day to pray. Pray for the unborn children, pray for the mothers and fathers, pray for the children in hospitals with fatal illnesses, pray for those struggling with infertility, pray for those considering adoption, pray for those children who are abused, and pray for the children without a loving home.
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Cecilia said...

I totally understand your sadness. My children are my world also, my heart aches for anyone who has lost their child or is struggling to have their own children. Keep Praying.

Lisa said...

What a terrifying experience that was for them. I can find solace in thinking, hoping and having faith that He was with those little ones comforting them in their final moments.

Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

I need to pray more. I also don't feel worthy enough to be called a Christian. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. Today has been a hard mothering day but I'm thankful to have my children with me.