June 25, 2013

Short & Sweet Post!

Since I've gained 500+ followers on my little blog, I feel on top of the world. Like, for real. It makes me so happy that people WANT to hear my ramble lol! 

So for reaching 500+ followers, I'm hosting a giveaway next month. But of course, I couldn't do this on my own! I've already got quite a few bloggers & shop owners who are contributing, but I figured I'd make a post about it in case I missed someone.

I decided to do the giveaway in July because it's just a big month of events for us. Tucker's birthday/4th of July, Kenzie's birthday, the kids birthday party. It's so exciting! Might as well throw a big giveaway in there, too!

The deadline to send in your money & fill out the form is June 29th (I wrote the wrong thing on the picture and I'm too lazy to fix it haha!). BUT, if you NEED an extension, please let me know! I'm more than happy to work out any details with you. or just click the little email button under my picture up there.

2 links = $5
3 links = $10
4 links = $15


If you own a shop or sell products, you can also contribute! I just ask that the item you are contributing is equal to $10 or more, to be fair. 

 So if you are interested in growing your blog or shop fill out this form here.

I'm so excited about this! But I couldn't be excited if it wasn't for you guys:) 
So thank you! For real. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Just signed up!! WOOHOO!

Jen said...

How fun!! :)