June 26, 2013

Mini Pool Time!

Hey people with children, otherwise known as parents! Let me tell you a little secret.
If you buy your kids a $9 baby pool from Wal-Mart, they will be entertained for hours and they will think you are awesome.
Seriously ya’ll. The way they were splashing around and laughing, you would’ve thought I had put in a in-ground pool. See, you don’t have to have fancy things to make your kids happy! (Thank the Lord).
I pulled up two lawn chairs and tanned. It was pretty hot outside, I think like 91. So I had the kids bring me a bucket of water when I got hot. #itsnotchildlaboriftheydontminddoingit *wink wink*
I actually got a decent amount of sun without burning! GO ME! I used to never burn easily until after I had kids. Put THAT in your “Pregnancy is a glorious happening” book. If there’s a such thing. Crazy hormones.
And seriously. Where are my boobs? Oh yeah, pregnancy did works on those, too. I hope Kenzie reads my blog when she’s older. Maybe I can be an advocate for teen pregnancy. “Look at my body! Look what happens!”. #sorrynotsorry
I tried to take a picture of Tucker and this is the face I got.
Then I asked him to smile and THIS is what I got next:
All I could think of was Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.
The kids had a splash war going on.
I think Kenzie won.
I’m not even sure if Tucker was participating.
Dobby got in on the action.
That dog loves water.
He tried to eat the water hose.
Have I told you how special Dobby is?
After some relaxation, we headed in for showers.
And that’s how we entertained ourselves one day with a $9 pool.
PS – The kids are getting a BIG pool for their birthday soon. They just don’t know it:)


Theresa Sutton said...

One of the many downsides of living in an apartment, no backyard :( Looks like your kiddos had fun though!

amber.m said...

Lauren, I cracked up at this whole post!! I mean really just the way you wrote it made me giggle.


So much summer fun! Love the small things in life. I love that tanning spray too! Banana boat is the bomb! Looks like you found a fun way to enjoy the summer.

Anonymous said...

awww looks like such a fun time! love that the dog got in, too :)

emily said...

How fun! Nothing beats a mini pool!

Kristin C said...

That's my plan for the weekend!!

Chelsea said...

I think I might buy a mini pool for myself... hahah
Olive & Ivy

Anonymous said...

AWWWW Your kids are so adorable! I definitely agree with you about just buying a little swimming pool from Walmart and just having fun. Sometimes we spend too much money as parents on things that kids hardly will remember or even care about. They just want our time and to just have fun! :) Also loved your pic of Sheldon. Me and hubby love that show! New follower from Lovely Blog Hop. I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend! <3