February 12, 2011

All dressed up with nowhere to go

Well, my sister-in-law's wedding shower was tonight. Me and Kenzie were ready to go and I was fixing to change Tucker, when he puked up all his food from earlier:( So I just sent Kenzie with the in-laws. He can't keep down anything solid. Poor baby man! And he barely takes his bottle. I just wish he would hurry up and get better! This being stuck at home with a sick baby is for the birds :/ Oh well, guess that's motherhood! I just had to show this --> That's Tucker's breathing machine! Isn't that neat?! And this is what my 7 month old son likes to do in his "spare time" lol... Watch basketball. Not Sesame Street. Not Diego. But Basketball. I'm serious. He can be pitching a fit like nobody's business, but if we turn on a basketball game, it's like we flipped a switch! He stares and stares! Maybe he's gonna play when he gets older? I would have figured football, seeing as when they pulled one of his shoulder's out when I was giving birth, they called him a linebacker:) But I will love him just the same no matter WHAT he does with his life! He's my little man!

Oh, and I am FINALLY learning how to French Braid! LOOKY! (its small, but its a start!)
And my cupcake sticker on my Blackberry is from my Kenz Kenz:) She's the sticker queen.

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