February 23, 2011

*tear* I'm growing up!!

Sometimes, it sucks to be wrong. It sucks even worse when you are used to always being right. hehe:) That being said, I'm getting a mini-van.
Lauren Kristen Cupples Loeffel.
Is getting a van.
Buy you know what? I like the fact that I'm beginning not to care what people think of me! I know I should have never cared in the first place, but growing up, I have realized what is more important. My family. I love 'em. So I am gonna rock the mini van, and I'm gonna rock it hard:) But like my sweet husband said, I would look good driving anything:) lmao! I love him!

I also like the fact that I am accepting my fate. Here I am, 22 years old. I should be in my dorm room in Knoxville, studying for a big test in my 4th year of college or getting ready in a cute cocktail dress for a sorority party. Yet, here I am, wiping boogers, giving baths, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, driving a mini van with not one, but 2 car seats, wearing a wedding ring, and trying to invent a cure for stretch marks. And I'm loving every minute of it! :) Now, I'm not saying I'm a fuddy duddy, sit at home all the time, kind of momma. I am still 22 ya know. So I still love any reason to get dressed up to get out of the house:) I don't care if its to the local Olive Garden or to downtown Nashville. A woman needs to get out of the house! A woman needs girl friends! A woman needs a man to spoil her! Although I'm still working on that last one.....nah, I take that back; Dougie does spoil me. Just not in the way I want to be spoiled lol:) I love him still. I love him a lots:)

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Sarah E. said...

I was supposed to be in Knoxville in college right now too :) But I'm doing the same thing you are!

P.S. My neighbor has a Routon and it is AMAZING. If I got a minivan...I'd totally want a Routon