February 21, 2011

Answers and Prayers

Tomorrow morning me, Doug, and the kids will be heading to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis to do an MRI on Tucker. My poor baby man has to be put to sleep! I'm a little worried. But, I know this will hopefully give us some answers as to why he is having seizures! The worst feeling in the world is NOT knowing. I'm praying to God that everything goes OK tomorrow and to get some answers soon. My favorite quote of all time is "Everything happens for a reason". And I truly believe that. God will never hand me anything He knows I can't overcome! Little Tucker is a blessing to my life and others lives. He was brought to this earth for a reason:)

Oh, by the way. Tucker, who is 7 months old, has learned to say "momma", crawl, pull up, and say "bababa" all in one week!! Next week he will be talking in sentences and walking! He is growing up too fast! My sweet little man:)

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