February 18, 2011

long day. [with some laughs]

Memphis with my wonderful mother-in-law (and I'm not being sarcastic lol). I'm very blessed to NOT have the "evil/annoying" mother-in-law that everyone dreads having. Nope. I got lucky:) I consider her as a mother! She is such an awesome grandmother to my kids and I don't know what I would do without her! 

Back to the subject lol. We went to Memphis today with the kids for Kenzie's dermatologist appointment. Now, don't ask me why we had to drive all the way to Memphis for this because I still do not know - the bumps on Kenzie's arms and legs are very common but not curable. Ok. Thanks for that info that I probably could have googled. Oh well. It got me out of the house and had a fun time with the kids:) We went to the mall to shop for me a dress to wear to Nashville, only to become super depressed after going to 3 stores. Boo for being fat. 
And some people are STILL a laughing stock of Facebook but doesn't seem to notice!! lol! Its hilarious:) I'm SOOO glad I got to witness some stuff today. I was cracking UP! :) Like I said, I love my mother-in-law!! 

Now I'm fixing to head to bed. Got my bags packed for tomorrow and heading out in the morning for Nashville for my sister-in-law's bachelor/bachelorette party:) SUPER excited!!!

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