February 6, 2011

What a day

Packers win the Super Bowl! (Not that I really cared, I just didn't want a man who allegedly raped a young girl to have that victory...)  It was fun having all my friends and family over. But of course there was drama. That's not to be talked about though...
*I just don't understand some people. Some people just really get on my nerves! -end of rant.

Kiddos are in bed (FINALLY) so its chill time for this Momma:)  
oh! And THIS is what I do in my spare time! I LOVE this site! It keeps me entertained like nobody's business lol. And I have found some pretty awesome recipes out of it! Thanks @Sarah E. :)

Back to work tomorrow! Ah, Mondays...I seem to never want you to come lol.

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