August 10, 2011

10 Day You Challenge (#7)


(7) Wants

 #1 ]

-I totally want a body like this $

#2 ]
-I'm over the Nissan Murano. I want a Ford Edge!

#3 ]
-front porch swing. Will get one soon!

#4 ]

-I don't necessarily want THIS camera, but I would love something similar *wink wink* $ 

#5 ]
-some cowgirl boots! I can't believe I don't own a pair. I'm not a country girl but I AM southern. So these are a must in my book$

#6 ]
-a craft room! And I'm pretty sure I could totally do this in our huge hallway closet/pantry...if I can talk the hubby into it!

#7 ]
-a kitty kitty$ I love cats. They are so funny lol. We need one for the outside anyways to keep away creepy crawlies. And Lucy (our dog) needs a friend!

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