August 11, 2011

The ABC’s of ME


A. age:  22.5=

B. bed size:  Queen as for right now...but most of the time that's not big enough lol. We NEED a King size!

C. chore you hate: washing dishes!! This house was not equipped with one but we are looking to buy a portable one.

D. dogs:  Dogs? what the? ok......I like dogs. Dogs are nice. Dogs say "woof". ]]]]haha jk:) I do love dogs, though! We have a pretty doggie named Lucy who is a full blooded mutt and is one of the best dogs we've had! But my fav breed of dog is hands down a chihuahua! =

E. essential start to your day:  Peeing. Then squirting contact solution in my eyes because I never take my contacts out :/

F. favorite color:  pink! and turquoise!

G. gold or silver:  silver for sure - as in jewelry. But I like gold decor.

H. height: I THOUGHT I was 5'6 then my husband pulled out his measuring tape the other day and I'm 5'5...

I. instruments you play:  I can play piano/keyboard by ear. I don't know how to read music but if I listen to a song, I can pretty much play it.

J. job title: Mommy. Babysitter. Awesome person in general. =

K. kids:  Kenzie Lane (3) and Tucker James (1)

L. live: in a old house, in the country,  in West Tennessee

M. maiden name:  Cupples. And it's A LOT easier to say than my married name - Loeffel. Its pronounced Leffull. The "o" is silent....blahh.

N. nicknames:  I used to be LC in highschool=

O. overnight hospital stays: When I gave birth to my children. I've had to stay overnight with Tucker twice.

P. pet peeve: when people say they will do something and they don't.

Q. quote:  "Everything happens for a reason"

R. righty or lefty:  Righty-tidy

S. siblings:  I have an 18 year old brother, Hayden; a 4 year old half brother, Ryder; and a 6 year old half sister, Olivia=

T. time you wake up: When I'm babysitting, I get up at 6:45am. When it's just me and the kids, I wake up around 8:30 or 9. When the kids aren't here and I get a chance to sleep in, I wake up around 9am or 3pm....depending on what happened the night before haha!!

U. university attended:  I am attending a community college that has a small campus here in town! After I'm done with my basics there, I will transfer to The University of TN at Martin for Teaching K-6 =

V. vegetables you dislike: Brussel sprouts. They smell like dook.

W. what makes you run late: The kids. Me not waking up in time. My husband rushing me (that just makes me mad lol).

X. x-rays you’ve had: Teeth. And of my back when I pulled a muscle.

Y. yummy food:  Pizza!! I could eat pizza everyday. And Mexican food - mmmmmm!

Z. zoo animal favorite:  Pandas. So cute=

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