August 9, 2011

10 Day You Challenge & Cinderella:)

[8] Fears

1. Death. For me or my family. I fear the unknown and I fear how I will take it if someone close to me dies.

2. Spiders, bugs, snakes – anything creepy crawly. Blahhhh.

3. The dark. I know, I know….I’m 22 years old. But I’m a huge scaredy cat.

4. That I’m actually really a bitch and it’s not my hormones… lol…but seriously.

5. My children are going to end up like me – a mess.

6. That people only remember me by what I’ve done, and not who I really am.

7. That I drive people away from me because of #6 and because of #4.

8. I fear that I have too many fears that I don’t want to make publicly known so I’m gonna leave this like it is.

*is today super depressing day or what?
It’s probably because I’m listening to this:

Love this song=
And also because I watched A Cinderella Story the other day...with 3 guys...who were all like "UGHH What a doucher for leaving the game to go kiss a girl!" 
Where is the romantic guys these days?! What girl wouldn't LOVE to have that happen to her? A real prince charming. (Especially with Chad Michael Murray haha) =

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

ooh maybe i can do the 10 day challenge...CMM is too sexy even in the Cinderella the new profile pic too!