August 23, 2011

Tears of a Mother

Can someone please explain to me why bad things have to happen to people, especially children? 

It brings tears to my eyes every time we leave LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, just because I know there are children inside that aren’t going to make it, and parent’s who know that. How do you hold it together? How does someone be that strong?

And then I think, what if that was me? What if that was Kenzie? Tucker? What if I KNEW their lives were being cut short? And how innocent they were, and had no clue. THAT’S the hardest part. They don’t know any better. They come into this world knowing nothing but their mother’s love. Why should that be taken away from them? And why should a parent have the greatest love ever, be taken away from them?

I honestly think I would not have the strength to keep it together. I am nothing without my children. Nothing would matter with out them. 

Why does stuff have to happen to little children? I just don’t understand…

I don’t even know what brought this post on, but I’m bawling my eyes out right now, at ten till midnight. I think I’m going to go snuggle up with my baby girl tonight.

ps- I do believe in God. And I pray every night for my babies health and well being. I thank God for them every night. I pray for all the children and families in the world. And I feel bad for asking "why"...but in a world so cruel, I can see why some people doubt. Heaven may be a more wonderful place, but the pain left behind in this world for others to carry , is almost evil.

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Heather said...

i am right there with you! Thank God nothing like cancer has touched our children. When you pray for your little ones at night, please throw a little prayer in there for Maggie. I'd really appreciate it.