August 22, 2011

Rambling [wo]man

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Did you know that? 

Because I do.

I have some really important news that I’m not supposed to share with anyone, so I won’t.    ]]]Sorry =

BUT, I can share that thanks to my Clammie from Cafemom, I have a “business name” that will come into effect as soon as some bills are paid off and I am able to buy the supplies I need to start making my sweet little goodies to sell! EEP! = I’m stoked. And I don’t want to share the name because it’s one of a kind and I don’t want someone to take it from me :(

Also, I’m going to try to talk the hubbs into buying me a desk/table I saw on Craigslist so I can get my Aunt’s sewing machine! I need to learn how to SEW! I mean, think of all the possibilities I could make if I knew how to sew =
 Here's the desk. With a little TLC, this beast will be a beauty for all my sewing/crafting needs!

I've started my Christmas gift list, too. It's never too early for that, ya know. It will be here before you know it! And mostly everyone will be getting DIY gifts this year..I think those are the best kind anyways=

Well, that’s all of my babbling for today…maybe. lol


Mrs. Pancakes said...

oooh the christmas list! Glad that you are going to starting your own way to go! i wish i can saw too...i was thinking about the possibilities as well!

Heather said...

congrats on the business!