August 3, 2011

My untitled rant.

Like the new font?
WARNING – I’m on my soap box for this post.
I’m so sick of everything. I’m sick of the stupid dishes that *I* have to wash everyday. I’m sick of the PILES of laundry that never gets done because I feel too overwhelmed to do it all…hence the piles. I’m sick of this stupid-hot weather. This is ridiculous. It was almost too hot to swim today! Now you KNOW it’s too hot when swimming isn’t comfortable.
I’m sick of cleaning up after people, and I don’t mean my kids. I’m sick of being tired. I’m sick of feeling like I am stuck to this house. I feel like I’m in the same ole routine everyday. And then when I think, oh it will be better when I get a job…well no it won’t. I will have to get up early, get the kids ready and where they need to be, get to work, work all day long, come home and do EVERYTHING else that I would normally do all day long at home, go to bed, and do the same thing over again. Doesn’t that sound like something to look forward to?! NOT.
I’m just tired. And I’m 22 years old. I shouldn’t be tired. And I’m married. I shouldn’t feel like a single mother. But sometimes I do.
I just wish some people would see things through MY perspective. Then maybe they will think twice before they ask for stupid S***.
And for all you people who will say “Oh, this will pass” or “You sure do bitch a lot” then I will say to you STFU right now.
It's been an awful day and I’m ready for bed. BUT I can’t go to bed because I’m home alone and K won’t quit getting up every 10 minutes and T just doesn’t want to sleep.
I need hard liquor. And a girl’s night.


Sarah E. said...

You need to make a chore list. I break up my chores throughout the week so it's easier on me and I don't have to do it all and struggle to keep up <3

Plum said...

I agree with the comment from Sarah! I've started posting my to-do list on my blog to help keep myself accountable. It does get better...well, at least a little. I think we all go through times when we feel like this...I know I do! My husband has three jobs...go to work, take out the trash, and mow the lawn. I do the rest.

Heather said...

lol. you sound like me (well sometimes i feel that way). I have a dry erase board in the kitchen. it mainly helps me keep up with appointments, school activities and birthdays, but i've started putting my chores on it. so one day (at the end of the week, i'll do laundry. one day i'll clean the bathrooms and kitchen. one day i'll clean up the kids rooms and the play room. i havent found a time to sort out my bedroom or the basement BUT we did JUST moved in. sometimes i fall off schedule depending on what things come up (like this week we had to go to Alabama for a funeral and were gone for 2 days, no im behind). it DOES help. and just sit down with D and tell him that you need a little more help. i do everything around here too so i know how it can feel. it feels like the men just get up and go to work (i dont know what D does, but Ty is out in the HEAT all day) so sometimes i feel bad for asking for him to help. but mainly i take care of everything at home (kids, cleaning, errands, trash) and he mows (while i weed eat!) lol. it does make it easier to have a list of one or two things to accomplish that day. makes it easier than what i was doing (trying to do my whole list in one day)

Rachel said...

i feel your pain girl! keep that pretty head up! we'll make it!! or at least fake it til we do!!