August 18, 2011

Another Tucker update–something “new”

*figured it would be easier to blog this instead of putting it on Facebook*

IAs we all know, Tucker has had a pretty rough 13 months, bless his heart. I know there are some children who have it WAY worse than he does, and I pray for those sweet children every night, but it’s always hard to see your child go through stuff that you wish you could just take away.  

Here’s a little backdrop on T’s medical history:
*at 6 weeks old, he was hospitalized for an unexplained fever. They had to give him 2 catheters, 2 IV’s (because he ripped one out) and the worst part – a spinal tap. Broke my heart.
*at 4 months old, Tucker started having staring spells. We took him to a neurologist at LeBonheur  in Memphis and they diagnosed him with
Absence Seizures. Then at 6 months old, he had a general seizure (so scary). So they diagnosed him with Idiopathic seizures. He has to take medicine twice a day for two years. But on a good note, he has been seizure free since January!! 
*at 7 months old, he had to be hospitalized for
RSV. I know that’s pretty common but he was so pitiful. :( 

And today we took him to see a Urologist at LeBonheur in Memphis. At birth, they couldn’t feel one of his testicles. So they did an ultrasound, and it was there. The doctor said usually by a year old, the testes will have dropped on it’s own. Well Tucker’s still hasn’t. 

+You can read more about undescending testes HERE+

Today they couldn’t feel the testes so it may or may not still be there. There are some cases where they just disappear and some cases where they just get stuck up top.

They are going to have to do surgery on him :( This will take place in October. They will make an incision in his abdomen to find the testes. If it is normal and healthy, they will “pull” it down to the scrotum and somehow “clamp” it there so it won’t move. If the testes is NOT normal, they will have to remove it completely because it’s just damaged tissue and will cause long term problems.

+You can read more about the surgery HERE+

But even when they do all this, he is now at higher risk for testicular cancer. My baby. Is at higher risk for cancer.

Dear God. I’m crying just writing this. All I know to do now is pray. I pray everyday for both my children, but now I will pray that God doesn’t let this happen to Tucker. As a mother, you can only be so strong when it comes to your children. I hope God knows my breaking point. Because if something ever happened to my babies, I’m not sure I could function.

I don’t even understand why this happens to him. It only happens in 5% of full term children. 

I’m asking all of you who read this to please keep my baby in your prayers. Like I said earlier, I know there are some children who have it WAYYYY worse than my baby, but he is MY child and I hurt for him.


Heather said...

I know you and i have our issues but Tucker is in my prayers. that's why i read your blog. i am so sorry that you, your family and Tucker are going through all of this. He's a strong kid and he will pull through just fine. I can't imagine how it must feel as his mother and having to watch all of this happening without being able to do a thing. I dont hate you lauren, know that. Yall are in my prayers. and i understand what you mean when you say that some kids have it way worse, but he's yours. It's close to home. Yall are in my thoughts and prayers (as tucker has been since i heard about all these issues). God Bless

Shellie said...

Tucker is my prayers and so are you.. You are a great mom and love your kids soo much!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Definitely keeping you in my godson had to have surgery on his testes and everything turned out great...i am sure Tucker will be fine! Praying for him! He is a cutie!