May 16, 2011

I. Hate. Moving.

I hate it. With a passion. I hate packing. I hate unpacking. I hate going through all this crap we have accumulated over the 3 years we've been together. And it's even harder to do when you have 2 children under the age of 3 around! lol! 

I got the keys to the new house today. Its another rental. A little bit bigger in size and cheaper. Hey, you can't beat that! The only downside is the layout of the house. Maybe one of my sweet followers can help me! :)

When you walk in from the front porch, that's supposed to be a bedroom. Well, who wants to walk into someone's room? Not I. So we want to make that room the "sitting" room. We will put a small desk with the laptop and hubb's PS3 in there. We will mount the 32" and put a futon or pull out sofa in there for company.

So where will we put Tucker? Well, the utility room is large. Very large. We were thinking of putting him in there and blocking off the back door (so the mean people can't come get him and I can sleep a little better lol). The downside to that is #1. Its right off the kitchen. #2. The dryer hook up is in there. (The washer is for some reason in the kitchen. I.E. Weird Layout....). I only do laundry during the day so it's not like the dryer will wake him's just the thought of having a dryer in his room lol. Maybe we can find something to hide it?

Also, there is only 1 bathroom. And that's okay right now. It's bigger than any bathroom we've had, so that's a plus. BUT......(you knew that was coming), the bathroom is located....get between the 2 other bedrooms. Yeah.  So you would have to walk through one of the 2 bedrooms to get to the bathroom...guess this means I will have to keep our room clean! EEEEK!

I also thought about making the utility room a playroom for the kids and let them share a room...but I had so many ideas for each of their rooms! :( Plus, I don't know if that would work out anyways...a 10 month old boy and a 2 year old girl..... lol

I will be mucho grateful for any ideas/thoughts/opinions on this!!!! (I wish I would have taken pics!! I can do that later this week maybe.)

Also, check out my I Heart Pintrest post! That's where all my interior decorating inspiration comes from:)


Michelle said...

No ideas here! Good Luck, though! I don't like moving either! You have a very cute blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I'm following you back now. If you're interested, I have my "Sit and Relax" weekend hop starting tonight at 10PM EST. It goes until Sunday. Come join us!

Lauren-ItsMyWorld said...

ok great! :) I will "be there"! haha!