May 20, 2011

I'm so angry.

I'm so angry.

I'm angry because I've tried to follow this tutorial on how to change my Post Title Font & obviously I'm blogger dumb. I tried it 3 times people. Three. Times. My patience doesn't allow me to proceed to the 4th time...

I'm angry because I tried to make a signature for my posts using these instructions and once again.... dumb. dumb. dumb.

And I'm angry because I know I'm going to be angry in the morning because it's 1:30AM here and I'm still awake.........


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Pinkie said...

Hi! I found you through Cafe Mom. I know how hard it is to mess around with these things on Blogger. It is easier than WordPress but it can still be frustrating. I had to get someone else to do mine for me. Now, I want to change my post colors because I think they are a little hard to read. But I've been too intimidated to do it. Good luck with yours!