May 24, 2011

Telephone Tree Tuesdays [another hop lol]

I'm hopping a ton today!

This Blog Hop comes from my friend/Clammie Sarah at Fortune Favors the Brave.

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You can get the rules HERE.

Grocery shopping with Mommy!
Playing in the grass.

Crazy chalk lady.

Kenzie drew this. She called it "Bunnycorn". I'm not kidding.

She said this was Dora.....


Sarah E. said...

I love those little sketchy pads!! Matthew and Cami love to draw all the time...they have been a lifesaver for road trips and dr appts :)

AND YAY! I knew you would totally join my linky one ever does :( BOO

Christa said...

Hey! found you at the "chickadee tuesdays" blog hop doing a little self promotion cuz we are cool like that :) be sure to come check out our blog! ( WE FOLLOW BACK! just be sure to leave a comment with your url address. have an awesome day!