May 19, 2011

My random ranting.

Do you ever just feel like you are going 90 to nothin? 

I do. Right now.

I just loaded up the back of the van with whatever I could put in it. (We are in the process of moving.) But I don't think we will be able to turn on utilities to the new place until next week. Boo. So what the dook am I supposed to do/pack?? I don't wanna pack anything because I'm scared we might need it in the next week haha! And with my luck, we will.

I also have so much on my mind. I have been wanting to start up a "mini at home business" and I'm FINALLY going to have some extra money for it (I recently started babysitting again). But my fear is being rejected. What if no one likes what I make? What if I can't sell anything? *sigh* I'm a very creative person and I LOVE doing creative stuff! I just don't want to get my hopes up too high. 


Sorry for yelling. :(

They have the most AMAZING stuff....but it will cost you an amazing arm & leg to buy it. *sigh some more*

Another random for all you crafters:
Where is the cheapest/best/your favorite place to buy ribbon and crafting supplies? Thanks:)


Heather said...

Hey girl. You mentioned making bows to me on FB. I have been buying my ribbon at Hobby Lobby and Walmart so far. It's awesome when they have sales (especially at Hobby Lobby). The are opening a Joann's here in Jackson out in the columns. I've heard it's a crafty sort of store. Dont fret about someone not liking what you make. I am taking a huge leap, emotionally and financially to make some extra money. It's tiring. Especially with kids running around. But nap time and bed time are AWESOME! lol. Let me know if you need any emotional support! ps. i'll help promote your business page on FB once you create one!

Lauren-ItsMyWorld said...

ok thanks!! It's been something I have wanted to do forever lol. I figured Hobby Lobby would be awesome (it always is! haha!). Ohhh I've heard of Joann's! ok thanks girl:) I hope your bow making is going good!

Mrs. Maelstrom said...

I get most of my craft supplies lately from the thrift stores around here. Lots of good, lonely craft stuff for practically free!

Also a good source of cheap, fun, and funky home furnishings and clothes (since you like Anthropologie).