May 22, 2011

I love weekends:)

I look foward to Saturday & Sunday when I wake up on Monday lol. Now I love my kids more than ANYTHING in this world. Seriously. They are my loves! But....I also love when my sweet mother-in-law comes to get them Saturday nights. Now that I'm a SAHM again, I get a little stir crazy. There's only so much parks and crafts I can take in 5 days lol! But I suck it up and do it for the kiddos:) Because I know my weekend isn't too far away.

Last night we went to a friend's party. It was so fun:) 

Then today my best friends, Jason & Raven, Keith, Doug, and me, all went to the grocery store and bought enough food for a feast lol. I made pizza dip for an appetizer (which lasted about 2.4 seconds ha!) and cake batter blondies for dessert (PLEASE make these!). Raven made grilled peppers with Sweet Baby Rays sauce on them, a HUGE salad (that I'm sure only us girls will be eating lol), & sauted onions. The boys are grilling Italian sausage links, BBQ bologna, potatoes with onions and butter, and corn on the cob. Wow. That's a lot of food lol. 

My MIL is bringing the kids back soon and will be eating with us. I'm HUUUUNGRY! :)

Did I mention I LOVE weekends? :)


Sarah E. said...

I saw the Cake Batter Blondies on Beantown Baker this week. NOM NOM.

Pee ess. Love your button! I need to update Fortune soon. I've started following so many new blogs that I really really need to organize everything. haha

Lauren-ItsMyWorld said...

I found it on stumbleupon! I've made it 2 times. Everyone loves them:)

And thanks! :) What new blog do you have?! I shall follow!