May 26, 2011

"Storms" & Brownies

Well the "huge" storm we were supposed to get last night blew my wicker chair off my porch. That is all. Now don't get me wrong, I'm VERY glad we didn't get what they were calling for [see this post], but I just wish they wouldn't put everyone in such panic mode! I know, I know...better safe than sorry. But still. They made it sound like West Tennessee was going to be wiped off the map.

Some cities probably did get some sort of damage, and for that I am deeply sorry! I hope there were no deaths or injuries! Tornadoes are so scary :/

Anyways, I'm fuming over American Idol. Scotty? REALLY? Why? I didn't realize I was watching Country Idol. Isn't there another show for that? I LOVED Haley and I'm sure she will go far in her career [which I will follow!] but she does need an attitude adjustment. She needs to realize she's in the limelight now.

So last night I made these brownies from Kevin & Amanda. They didn't look like the delicious picture. :( I am not the best baker lol. I give them 3 stars [and only because I'm SURE I didn't do something right.] Maybe you should try them and make them like they are supposed to be. :)


Christina B. said...

haha! I ALWAYS find a way to mess up a recipe! I am not really sure what i do wrong… I read the directions and follow them but always do something! Thanks for linking up with High on Life!

Heather M said...

Those nasty storms are headed my way now yuck, and its been alllll over the TV praying that it turns out to be no big deal!!! I just started baking, Im going to have to try these brownies!!! Thank you sooo much For linking up with Us today!! I hope you will come back next week!!!

Patricia said...

When I was a teenager I came home one day and my sister, that was a year older than me, was in the kitchen and she had brownie dough all over her hands. Now this recipe had the bag of hersey syrup with the mix. I asked her why wasn't she using a spoon and she looked at me and said "I know how to read direction and it said to hand mix." I won't ever let her forget that.

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