May 24, 2011

I'm going to learn how to sew

I'm so excited! My aunt called me today & said I could use her sewing machine for as long as I wanted (or until she needs it again). I can't wait to start learning how to sew! I'm a hands on learner so I think I will catch on pretty quick! AHH!! I am heading to Hobby Lobby the first chance I get! My BFF is going with me, too, whenever I decide to go. She is going to help me make my baby boy a birthday/4th of July shirt using iron on letters and what not. She's awesome at making T-Shirts. She made our shirts for the Lady Gaga concert in Nashville!

excuse my expression...I'm not

Since Tucker was born on the 4th of July, I want his shirt to be American themed and say "Hey America! It's MY birthday, too!" :) Wouldn't that be adorable?
We are going to make Kenzie's 3rd birthday shirt to go along with her tutu I will make her. Her birthday theme this year will be Willy Wonka [she LOVES both versions of the movie!]. So her shirt will either have a chocolate bar or a lollipop on it with some sort of "Wonka" themed quote. Or maybe just a "Kenzie's 3!" lol.

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