June 13, 2011

Just an Update on my life:)

Since I haven't been faithful to my blogging here lately from being without internet [grr] I will catch up a little.

The Kids
Kenzie is her normal weird self lol. She cracks me up. But she is also discovering her "wild" side. She likes to test me to see how far she can go without me exploding. We are working on a way that will work with disciplining. So far standing in the corner seems to work. She hates that. :) Her favorite movie (this week haha) is The Little Mermaid. She goes around humming "Part of that World" ALL. DAY. LONG. But I do have to say, she's a pretty good little singer to be almost 3! Oh my baby will be 3 next month!!! I can't believe it:( Next year she will start Preschool!! :( 

Tucker is walking!!! He is doing so good:) He has been walking for about 2 weeks now. He says dada, daddy, mama, ball, bye-bye, baba [as in bottle], uh-oh, yeah, and his favorite - Stop. He must hear that one a He knows what NO means [even though he throws a fit or cries but still tries to do what I told him not to.]. He knows what "night-night" means and what bite means. I have FINALLY found something he doesn't like to eat. Scrambled eggs. Seriously, this boy has not found ONE thing he didnt' like to eat until yesterday! He's my big boy:) I can't believe he will be a year old in 3 weeks!

The New House
We moved. Yay! It's in the same town, just in the city. I love it. I think the country is beautiful but I just can't live in it...unless I had my dream house lol. Anyways, I love our new house! There are a few things different but I can get over it:)
  • There is no carport:( I will miss that on rainy days lol.
  • The kids are sharing a room but mostly by choice. The house is "3" bedrooms but one of the rooms is the first room you walk into from the porch! I wouldn't want anyone walking into someone's bedroom...that would be weird lol. So we made the first room into an office/den area. I love it:)
  • There is only one bathroom (but it's huge.) BUT, the only way to get to the bathroom is to walk through either the kids room or the master bedroom! It's like a Jack & Jill bathroom I guess. That just means I have to keep my room clean. Eh. 
  • There is a huge utility room that was added on. Only the dryer is in there for some strange reason. The washer is in the kitchen. But it's kind of hidden so it's ok.
  • The utility room is going to be made into the kids playroom! I'm so excited about that:)
  • The kitchen is huge! BUT, it has hardly any cabinet space:( We are going to have to get a pantry to keep the food in.
  • The backyard is huge!! But it's not fenced in:(
I'm so glad we found this house!!


Amy said...

Love that picture of your little girl. What did you use to edit it?

Lauren-ItsMyWorld said...

I use! I love that site:)