June 28, 2011

Rainy Day

Stormy here in Tennessee. I like it.

[side note: I would not like the rain if I had to get out in it. But I don't. So I like it:) ]

I started making my daughter's tutu last night & I'm halfway done. I just got tired of cutting tulle lol. It's looking awesome so far! I'm pretty sure I could start making money off these:) But I doubt I will sell them right now.

I had to change my classes at school today. *sigh* I had to change one class to online and the other class to a night class. 

I'm so ready for change. Better change. I'm tired of living like this. I know it's going to be rough. It's been rough. But that's why I'm going to school. To make things better. So my children can have better. 
So I can shop whenever I want. :) I know we may never be "rich" but I want to be comfortable and not worry so much.

Here's to the future <3


Delaney said...

Aww I'm sure she'll love the tutu!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i love when it rains!